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Expert mortgage advisors for foreign nationals with visas.

Finding The Best Visa Mortgage Deal For Your Circumstances

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. When The Bank Says No is a mortgage broker, and not a lender.

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Overcoming Hurdles with Expert Guidance on Visa Mortgages

In the UK on a visa and want to buy a property? Our expert mortgage lenders can help you achieve a visa mortgage against the odds.

Foreign nationals who have moved to the UK may become concerned about the complexity of the process when they look into buying a home. Being accepted for a mortgage without permanent rights to reside can be challenging, and some lenders will automatically decline you.

When the Bank Says No is on a mission to help foreign nationals who have chosen the UK as their home to purchase their property. With us, visa mortgages don’t have to be feared.

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Helping you settle. 

Mortgages can be scary, especially if you’re a foreign national. You may be concerned that you will face additional barriers when applying for finance, and worried about finding your way through the process.
Our friendly team of advisors are here to help you achieve mortgage success and settle down in the home of your dreams. We’ll keep things simple and stress-free at all times, guiding you from initial enquiry all the way to the completion date.

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We can support you and help you to make yourself as attractive to banks as possible, ready for your next application!

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Check your credit file.

In order for us to assess your credit history and suitability for different mortgage products, you will need to check your file.

I have a Tier 2 visa. Can I get a mortgage?

Yes, you can apply for a UK mortgage with a Tier 2 or Skilled Worker visa. Many lenders will want to see that you have been in the UK for a minimum of 2 years before considering your application, with some requiring at least 3.

What lenders will be looking to see is that your employment is stable and your UK credit score is building up promisingly. That’s why it’s important upon arrival in the country to open a UK bank account and manage your money responsibly from the get-go to start building your credit history. If you’re feeling worried about the process of applying for a tier 2 visa mortgage, our friendly mortgage brokers are here to take the stress out of the process – just give us a call!

Can I get a mortgage with a spousal visa?

If you have a family visa providing you with the right to live and work in the UK due to being married to a British citizen, you can apply for a mortgage. Lenders will be looking to investigate your overall ability to meet your mortgage payments, taking into account your credit history, length of stay in the UK, and the time left on your visa when considering the application. If you have indefinite leave, this will dramatically improve your chances and increase the mortgage deals available to you.

Turning Your Nightmares Into Dreams

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When you think you’ve hit that brick wall and have all but given up hope of finding mortgage finance, When the Bank Says No are here to turn your ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. We have access to a range of specialist lenders who are willing to help those that the High Street banks just won’t touch. Get in touch today and see how we can turn your dreams into a reality.

What types of visas are accepted by mortgage lenders on mortgage applications?

A range of visas is accepted on applications for UK mortgages, including Tier 1, tier 2, and Tier 5 visas, family or spousal visas, ancestry visas, work visas and student visas. Mortgage lenders will have different lending criteria when it comes to mortgage applications with a visa, which can make the process of finding the right fit seem complicated.

To avoid disappointment, enlisting the help of our friendly team of mortgage advisors can make all the difference to your chances of mortgage application success. We understand the market for visa mortgages and can help you with mortgage advice and match you up with a lender who understands your situation.

Will I need a higher deposit for a mortgage with a Tier 1 or Tier 2 visa?

The bigger the deposit the better your chances of mortgage success when applying with a visa. In fact, many lenders will only accept applicants who can put down a minimum 25% deposit.

However, there are lenders out there who have different lending criteria and may consider your application even if you can’t stump up a large deposit. We’re here to help you find your way to the most appropriate visa mortgage option on the market, and make your homeowning dreams a reality.Get in touch with our team of mortgage brokers today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a contract of employment to apply for a mortgage as a foreign national with a visa?

Yes, a permanent contract of employment will open more doors to you, and make you eligible for a greater number of UK mortgage deals. If you don’t have this, it’s not the end of the world – some specialist lenders will consider self-employed foreign nationals too.

Whatever your circumstances, you will need to demonstrate that the income you receive is stable and sustainable, with many wanting to see at least 2 years of evidence of this in the UK. Also, if you are a temporary worker, the contract will need to be at least 12 months, so that the lender can have more confidence that you are able to meet the mortgage repayments

The interest rate you are charged on your mortgage will depend on your credit history, income and the size of the deposit you are able to put down. Interest rates protect the lenders from risk, so the higher the risk you pose, the higher your rates.

Some lenders will only provide mortgages to foreign nationals with high interest rates, however, there are better deals on the market. We have an intricate understanding of the mortgage process for people with UK visas and will help you approach the right lenders based on your personal circumstances the first time around.

When applying for a mortgage with a visa, lenders will consider a range of information. As well as the usual checks of your credit history, any bad credit issues, affordability and property value, lenders will need to consider the length of time you’ve been in the UK and the time remaining on your visa. If you’re feeling concerned about either of these aspects, talk to one of our expert mortgage advisors as soon as possible and we’ll help put your fears to bed.

Whilst getting a foreign national mortgage on a visa is often simple, there are some lenders who won’t lend in all circumstances. The time left on your visa is a key factor in a lender’s decision, and may lead to mortgage refusal, as most lenders require at least 2 years.

The good news is that some lenders might still consider your mortgage application if you have less time than this remaining, but in these cases, it is vital to contact an expert mortgage broker to understand the options available through specialist lenders.

If you’ve been declined for a mortgage with a visa, you’ll no doubt be feeling worried that you won’t be able to put your future plans into action after all. The road to homeowning bliss can be complicated, but it’s important to keep a clear head and not panic about these unforeseen obstacles.

There are a range of reasons why you might have been declined, but – whatever the case may be – don’t rush to reapply without seeking advice first. A mortgage advisor specialising in declined mortgages will help you understand what caused the issue and identify more suitable mortgage lenders. Together, we can get your visa mortgage application back on track.

Professional visa mortgage advice & guidance.

If you’re on a visa to live in the UK and are looking to buy a home, there are plenty of options open to you. Though the process can seem less straightforward in these circumstances, we’re here to show you the way forward.
When the Bank Says No has helped clients from countries all over the world secure the finance they need to buy a UK property. We’ll tailor our service to your specific situation and personal circumstances and match you with lenders open to your visa status and employment term.

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