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Bad Credit Mortgages

When your credit record isn’t the best and you’re struggling to find a lender, we can step in so you don’t miss out on your dream home.

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Need help navigating buy-to-let mortgages? With our help we’ll make it easier than you think, even if you have bad credit.


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Remortgaging doesn’t have to be tricky, whether you are looking to remortgage to consolidate debt, buy another property or finance home improvements.

Finding The Best 80% LTV Mortgage Deal For Your Circumstances

It can be stressful searching for a Buy to Let mortgage with a 20% deposit but finding only limited options. Most lenders offer a 75% Buy to Let as standard, and your reduced deposit is not something they want to entertain. Don’t despair; there are mortgage deal options out there for you – it’s just about knowing where to look!

Our specialist mortgage advisors understand the Buy to Let mortgage market in the UK and will help you seek out and gain approval with a lender who understands your situation. Purchasing your Buy to Let property is easy with our expert team at your side!

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Achieving your Buy to Let.

Just because you only have a 20% deposit, it doesn’t mean a Buy to Let is off the table. You might be getting stressed that your future plans are out of reach, but the good news is they don’t have to be!

Our experienced team of Buy-to-Let mortgage advisors will help you find a mortgage product that is achievable within your circumstances. We take the hassle out of the mortgage loan process, so you can focus on making the most of your new investment.

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We can support you and help you to make yourself as attractive to banks as possible, ready for your next application!

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In order for us to assess your credit history and suitability for different mortgage products, you will need to check your file.

What is the maximum LTV I can get on Buy to Let?

There is no set maximum, but the standard LTV to a Buy to Let mortgage is 75%. This means you need to put down a minimum deposit of 25%. However, 80% or even 85% LTV mortgages are possible with specialist lenders, and a professional mortgage broker will be able to match you up with suitable deals.

If you’re struggling to amass the required deposit to purchase your rental property or want to reserve some of your cash, these products might be more suitable for you than a standard Buy to Let. They will generally involve you facing higher mortgage interest rates and set-up fees, but there are still some competitive mortgage deals to be found.

What is Buy to Let mortgage?

A Buy-to-Let mortgage is a loan taken out with the express purpose of purchasing a property to rent out to tenants rather than actually live in. Buy to Let mortgages often have higher interest rates and require larger deposits. Most lenders expect at least a 25% deposit, but you may be able to get an 80% Buy to Let with a 20% deposit. Buy-to-Let mortgages work in a similar way to a traditional mortgage, although the money borrowed is to purchase a property that you are not intending to live in. Buy-to-let lending is usually on an interest-only basis, meaning that you will only be paying off the interest each month with the rental income rather than the actual capital (the amount your borrowed to buy the property) itself. Most lenders require the rental income to be at least 125% of the monthly interest payment amount, although this can vary between lenders and in some circumstances can be as much as 145% depending on the lender and your own personal circumstances.

You will need to have plans for how the capital amount you borrowed will be paid at the end of the mortgage term. If you haven’t made sufficient arrangements to pay off the capital owed, this could require you to sell the rental property.


Turning Your Nightmares Into Dreams

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When you think you’ve hit that brick wall and have all but given up hope of finding mortgage finance, When the Bank Says No are here to turn your ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. We have access to a range of specialist lenders who are willing to help those that the High Street banks just won’t touch. Get in touch today and see how we can turn your dreams into a reality.

What is an 80% Buy to Let mortgage?

When we talk about an 80% Buy to Let mortgage, we mean a mortgage product that requires a reduced deposit of 20%. Products of this kind tend to be more expensive due to the added risk that comes with putting down a smaller deposit, but they can be the right option for certain borrowers.

If you’re looking for an 80% Buy to Let, you may find you have a reduced choice of lenders, as many will only be prepared to offer a maximum of 75% Buy to Let. However, When the Bank Says No has access to specialist lenders who will permit you to put down a minimum deposit of 20% to help you secure a mortgage for that rental property. Contact us to find out more!


Can I get an 80% Buy to Let mortgage?

Though most buy-to-let mortgage lenders will require a higher deposit, there are lenders out there who are willing to offer you a mortgage with this Loan to Value (LTV). Of course, other factors will influence the way lenders to view your application, so if you have an adverse financial history or other complications it may be more difficult to get approval for this kind of higher LTV mortgage. You also may face higher interest rates.

The best thing to do if you’re looking for an 80% Buy to Let mortgage is to contact one of our experienced advisors. We’ll be able to connect you to the right mortgage lender and ensure your application offers you the best possible chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get interest only on an 80% Buy to Let mortgage?

Yes, you can! Interest-only Buy-to-Lets are popular products for property investors, as they mean your monthly mortgage repayments are lower. You also benefit from better flexibility and tax efficiency, although the amount of tax you can save in this manner is changing.

Interest only means you only have to pay the interest charges each month (usually from your rental income) and do not have to touch the original capital loan, although you can do so if you wish. At the end of the mortgage term, the full loan will need to be repaid.

The reason people opt for an 80% loan to value Buy-to-Let mortgage is typical because of the lower deposit. This reserves cash to use for refurbishments or just to maintain cash flow within the property portfolio. However, 80% Buy-to-Lets are usually more expensive than options with higher minimum deposit, so they definitely aren’t the right option for every situation.

If you’re still not sure, why not talk to our specialist Buy to Let mortgage advisors? We’ll take the time to understand your circumstances and requirements and provide our recommendations with access to the whole of the market and hard-to-reach lenders.

Bad credit is not for every lender, and some may outright refuse to lend to you if you have an adverse financial history. This situation will increase the risk they face, which is already heightened due to the reduced deposit you are supplying with this product.

However, this is not true across the board, and there are some lenders out there who will still consider providing you with an 80% LTV Buy to Let mortgage even with an imperfect credit history. Lenders just need to be sure you can afford to repay the loan if the property is empty or the tenants have not paid the rent.

Professional 80% Buy to Let mortgage advisors.

When the Bank Says No has helped landlords all over the UK purchase their Buy to Let property with a 20% deposit. Whether you’re a first-time landlord with limited funds, or an experienced property investor looking to reserve cash for other purposes, we can help.

Our friendly team will talk through your situation and scour the market for the most suitable mortgage products for your needs. From combing through terms and comparing mortgage rates to ensure you’re getting the right deal, to helping you fine-tune your application, we’ll be there every step of the way.

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