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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. When The Bank Says No is a mortgage broker, and not a lender.

A growing portfolio means growing stress. If you're looking to simplify multiple mortgages into one, our advisors can find you the right deal.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. When The Bank Says No is a mortgage broker, and not a lender.

Finding The Best Portfolio Mortgage Deal For Your Circumstances

As your property portfolio grows, so will the stress and admin of managing multiple mortgages. That's where portfolio mortgages come in! Portfolio mortgages provide you with a single mortgage across all your properties, which can take the stress out of managing your policies. When finding the best portfolio lender on the market, you'll need a team of expert mortgage advisors. We specialise in helping investors simplify their portfolios with the most suitable mortgage deals available. Ready to get started? We're ready to step in and help.

What are portfolio mortgages?

Portfolio mortgages are aimed at landlords with multiple properties, grouping them all under one mortgage. They are designed to be used by landlords with severalbuy-to-let mortgages for their buy-to-let properties, through which they collect rental income. This makes the management of these multiple properties easier.

Due to the terms and regulations being aimed at rewarding investment properties, it isn't often that you'll see personal residences being pulled into a portfolio mortgage, although it is possible.

The number of properties you need to be given a portfolio mortgage is 4 or more. Upon obtaining a portfolio mortgage, you become what's called a "portfolio landlord".

What are the advantages of having a portfolio mortgage?

Portfolio landlords enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simplicity - Management of your buy-to-let mortgages are all consolidated into one place with a portfolio mortgage, meaning you no longer need to communicate with multiple lenders at once. It also reduces your mortgage payments to one. Having a property schedule on top of this increases your ability to keep track of and create a business plan.
  • Flexibility - Portfolio mortgages are held by the original mortgage lenders, meaning you have flexibility as far as the loan's underwriting and terms go.Also, if you want more buy-to-let properties, you can simply add the property to the portfolio.
  • Better Portfolio Mortgage Rates - It's likely you can work out better interest rates with mortgage lenders with portfolio landlord mortgages.
  • Equity - Portfolio landlords can use the equity built from their rental properties to finance more buy-to-let properties further.
  • Attractive - Having many properties under one mortgage allows the higher-performing rental properties involved to cover for underperforming properties, making you a safer bet.

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How many properties make a portfolio landlord?

If you have 4 or more properties, you will be classed as a portfolio landlord and can apply for a portfolio mortgage. Any less than that and you won’t be able to apply. Landlords also often require portfolios to have a certain value such as £500,000, with the rental income generating around 120-140% of the loan. Your lender will assess the entire portfolio to determine your eligibility.

Does the size of a portfolio matter to mortgage lenders?

Not always. We have connections with lenders who don’t have a limit on how many rental properties you can have in your buy-to-let portfolio. Once you become a portfolio landlord, it may reduce the amount of high-street lenders you can access. However, our specialist mortgage broker team can help you find your way to more specialist lenders who explicitly set out to loan to portfolio landlords. If you want to start simplifying your portfolio today, contact When the Bank Says No!

Portfolio Mortgage - FAQs

No, you won’t be able to transfer your properties into a Ltd company. However, there are other options. The best way to proceed is likely to be to have the company purchase the properties from you. You will need to take into account what the implications of these sales will be for stamp duty, legal fees, and any other lender fees. As ever, professional advice is of paramount importance, so make sure to consult with a property tax specialist before making any decisions.

Yes, you can. Though individual Buy to Let mortgages often have cheaper rates of interest than portfolio mortgages, there are numerous downsides. For one, you will have separate applications and the resulting monthly payment fees to deal with for each property – and these can quickly add up. On the other hand, portfolio loans enable landlords to stay organised and simplify the admin involved in managing each mortgage for each rental property. When the loan comes up for renewal, the landlord will only have to service one mortgage, rather than multiple different ones. If you’re looking to get started with your portfolio mortgage, get in touch with one of our experienced property investment mortgage advisors!

No, not at all. Lenders will accept multi-unit freehold blocks (MUFB), houses in multiple occupancies (HMO), and holiday lets too. We also have access to commercial and semi-commercial portfolio mortgage lenders. Whatever the exact composition of your portfolio, chat with our friendly team today and we can formulate the best mortgage strategy for you. Finding the most suitable deal for you starts when you pick up the phone or send us a message!

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When the Bank Says No has helped owners of multiple rental properties achieve the right portfolio mortgage deal for their needs. We know the benefits portfolio mortgages can provide to property investors of all scales and have supported numerous clients from initial enquiry to the final deal. With us, you don't have to worry about the additional stress combining all your mortgages into one will bring. Instead, we'll take care of everything and help you get approved for the mortgage you've been waiting for.

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A portfolio mortgage might be more appropriate to your needs if you're a property investor with 4 or more mortgaged properties. However, getting to grips with this type of mortgage can seem complicated. Never fear! When the Bank Says No is here to explain all the details, implications, and benefits too! Then, if you decide a portfolio mortgage might be a better fit for your needs, our dedicated mortgage advisors will get to work sourcing the most suitable option for your circumstances.

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