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  • What Percentage of Salary Should Go to a UK Mortgage?

    When buying a property, a mortgage will typically be involved, as most people don’t have sufficient funds themselves for an outright purchase. While people will look to save up for their deposit, the longer term outlay will be on repayments over the term of the mortgage. This begs the question: what percentage of salary should [...]

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  • What Is the Lowest LTV (Loan-To-Value) Mortgage Available?

    The term “loan-to-value” or “LTV” is a way to assess the lending risk for the lenders or any financial institution. A high LTV value generally means that the loan is considered riskier, so a mortgage approved with a high LTV will carry much higher interest rates due to the perceived level of risk on behalf [...]

  • How To Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit but Good Income

    How To Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit but Good Income Owning a home is a dream for many individuals and families in the UK. Not only does it provide a place to live, but it also makes an excellent investment in a person’s future. Yet, what if you have a bad credit score? Would [...]

  • Welcome to the Team – Rugby League Icon Josh Jones Tackles New Challenge with When the Bank Says No

    When the Bank Says No are pleased to announce renowned rugby league sensation, Josh Jones, as the latest to join our team, as he embarks on an exciting new chapter in his career. With an illustrious career in rugby league, making almost 300 career appearances, Josh announced his retirement from the game last month. A [...]

  • What Is A Bridging Loan & How Does It Work?

    Whether you plan on developing properties, becoming a landlord, or moving into a new home, a bridging loan is one of the financing options that you can use to achieve your goal. This loan type is best for borrowers who need fast funds while in the middle of buying and selling property. If you’ve never [...]

  • Remortgaging For An Extension

    Extending your home can be a smart move to increase the value of your property, but how would you fund this expansion? Did you know you can remortgage for an extension? By working with When The Bank Says No's expert team of remortgaging advisors you can find the perfect deal for you to suit your [...]

  • How Much Does A Bridging Loan Cost?

    You might be a property owner looking for the next best investment. Rather than apply for a long-haul loan, you can opt for a bridging option that can last you until the time you sell your old property. For a typical bridging loan, you can expect to pay between 0.4% to 2% loan interest rates [...]

  • Buying A Partner Out Of A House

    Is Buying A Partner Out Of A House Risky? A joint mortgage may evoke problems if one party decides to get released from the agreement or buy their partner out. This happens due to personal reasons, like divorce, disagreement, or changes in personal circumstances (like moving out). That’s why it's vital to share a mutual [...]

  • Bad Credit Mortgage Types & Their Rates

    Having a bad credit score doesn’t automatically doom you with no mortgage offers. The mortgage market is flexible and, with the right specialist broker like our team at When The Bank Says No, you can find a suitable deal for your circumstances. You can resort to multiple types of bad credit mortgages, such as flexible, [...]