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Mortgage declined after application

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. When The Bank Says No is a mortgage broker, and not a lender.

A declined mortgage is upsetting, but we’re here for you. Talk to our friendly team of advisors today and we’ll get your application back on track.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. When The Bank Says No is a mortgage broker, and not a lender.

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Finding The Best Mortgage Deal After Being Declined After Application

If you submitted a mortgage application after an agreement in principle (AIP) only to be declined, you may be wondering what to do next. Whatever the reason for your refusal, you’re not alone. Many people have to deal with mortgage rejection, only to go onto achieve the property of their dreams in the end. Remember, mortgages aren’t personal, and you shouldn’t be fearful about never getting accepted in the future. In fact, When the Bank Says No has helped clients facing the end of the road get their applications back on track and achieve mortgage success. Don’t let a single no get in the way of your future yes!

Why has my mortgage been declined after agreement in principle?

An agreement in principle is the first step in the mortgage process. Getting approved is exciting – already you are a bit closer to owning your dream home! Unfortunately, an agreement in principle isn’t the end of the story, and mortgage applications can subsequently get declined by the same lender.

There are a number of reasons why this might occur, including changes to your employment, new adverse credit, changes to your outgoings, changes to your debt-to-income ratio, discrepancies on your application and bad credit that was not discovered during initial checks. A mortgage can be declined all the way up to completion day, so it’s important to keep managing your money and limiting your debt throughout the process – any significant change can prompt a rejection. If you’ve been declined and aren’t sure what to do next, we’re here for you. Call our team today and we’ll evaluate the circumstances and recommend the best next steps to take.

There is an error on my application form. Is this why my mortgage has been declined?

Annoyingly, it could be! A simple error could mean the wrong information has been used to inform the lender’s decision, or it may have made them suspect fraud. Either way, inconsistencies or mistakes in your documentation can be enough to bring the mortgage application process to a halt. That’s why it’s important to enlist the services of expert mortgage advisors who can help make sure your application is in the best possible shape before you submit.

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My agreement in principle was declined. What do I do next?

This can happen, but it’s not something to worry about. An agreement in principle doesn’t impact your credit score and isn’t indicative of your future chances with other lenders. Rather, it shows that you were not suitable for that specific lender due to their lending criteria – but this is not the same across the whole market. If you’re not sure where to apply next, we can help you figure out reasons for your refusal and gain a better understanding of the options available. Whatever prompted the decline, we’re here to find the right mortgage for you.

I’m expecting a pay rise. Will this improve my chances of mortgage approval?

A pay rise will improve your overall affordability. This can help lenders view you as less of a risk because you will have a greater amount of disposable income. With more disposable income, you will be better able to afford the monthly repayments going forwards. However, affordability isn’t only defined by income – your monthly outgoings will also play a part. That’s why it’s important to keep your debt-to-income ratio in check and manage your monthly outgoings to make sure all aspects of your financial situation are viewed in a favourable light.

Declined mortgage FAQs.

After an agreement in principle and receipt of the full application, the underwriting of your mortgage will begin. The underwriter is the person who conducts detailed checks of your documentation, credit history and the property’s value. They will be looking to make sure at every point that you fulfil their lending criteria and are fully able to manage the toll of repayments. If during their detailed financial examinations they find something untoward or undisclosed that means you fall outside this criteria, it is likely you will be declined. For more information about mortgages declined during underwriting, visit our dedicated page here.

This is actually quite common. Did you know there are 3 main credit reference agencies used by lenders? It is important to review your credit file with each one to make sure you are aware of the data being presented to lenders. If you have checked all 3 and there is still nothing, your refusal may have been due to additional information provided to the underwriters during the application – you can ask them why, but they might not tell you. It is also possible that there is an error on your credit report. In certain scenarios, you can apply for a notice of correction to put it right. However, this process can take time. If you want to get your application back on track right away, our dedicated declined mortgage specialists can help you seek out more appropriate lenders.

Try not to panic! It’s not uncommon for this to happen, and we understand this can be a highly stressful time – particularly if you have a purchase in process or are coming to the end of a mortgage deal and are facing a spike in interest rates. There are normally things that can be done to get your application back on track, such as resolving things with the lender or seeking out a more suitable deal. If time is of the essence, we encourage you to talk to our friendly advisors today! We’ll help you find a new lender promptly and recover any time lost by liaising with your estate agent or conveyancer to keep things moving.

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Mortgage Declined After Application Calculator

Mortgage declined after AIP? Our expert advisors are here to help.

Bad news during the property purchase process can be hard to deal with, but we’re here to help. When the Bank Says No is a team of specialist mortgage advisors, dedicated to helping those who have been previously rejected access the finance they need to complete their homeowning journey. From resolving issues with your current lender to scouring the market for more appropriate options, we’ll get your application back on track. Whatever the reason for your refusal, we’ll do everything we can to prevent this obstacle delaying your property purchase. To us, nothing is more important than making your homeowning dreams possible.

Finding your next steps. 

If you’ve received an agreement in principle, it’s likely you have already begun searching for a property. Receiving the news that your application has been declined after an AIP can make your previous optimism feel like false hope, but it’s important not to get upset. Our friendly advisors are here to guide you moving forwards, helping you learn from the past and apply with better chances in the future. With us, a declined mortgage doesn’t have to define your future applications.

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