About Us.

When the Bank Says No is team of professional mortgage and insurance brokers, dedicated to helping our clients achieve the finance they need to buy their home. Founded by our parent company Alder Rose Mortgage Services Ltd, we were born out of a desire to support people – no matter the complexity of their situation. Instead of sending more challenging cases to other brokers where we had no control over their experience, we wanted to be there for everyone – every time.

Our Mission.

Our mission? We’ve heard them all before, so let’s just tell you why we’re here and what we do well. Straight-up; no gloss, hype, or marketing lingo. We find mortgages for our customers, and give them the right advice first time.

“When the bank says no – we say Yes

People get rejected by lenders every day – that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, though it can sometimes make you feel that way. Confused by free online services that can’t cope with real life situations, and stressed by the months you’ve wasted waiting, it can feel like there’s no one there to help. But we’re here to clear things up, and explain what solutions are out there.

Mortgage advice you can trust.

People don’t always fit into the boxes that a high street bank wants to put them in. Unlike other mortgage brokerages, we exist to support people of all walks of life throughout their mortgage journey. As a result, we’ve spent years operating in complex spaces, and learning a lot along the way. We don’t shy away from tricky situations and adverse credit histories, but provide transparent, no-nonsense advice to help you succeed the first time around. With dedicated teams specialising in different types of mortgages, we’re here to take the fear away, and make the impossible possible.

Want to work with us?

We’re always on the lookout for good people to join our team. Whether you’re a self-employed mortgage broker looking to partner with us or a passionate specialist looking for a full-time role, we might have an opportunity for you. If you believe in helping anyone achieve a home of their own no matter the odds, then you’re already halfway there!