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Being declined for life insurance can be worrying, but our qualified team are here for you. We’ll help you find the right policy against the odds.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. When The Bank Says No is a mortgage broker, and not a lender.

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Finding The Best Life Insurance When Declined Deal For Your Circumstances

No one knows what will happen in the future, which is why a comprehensive life insurance policy that covers your mortgage is so important. Unfortunately, applying to insurers who don’t cover your specific circumstances can lead to refusal; certain medical conditions and lifestyle factors can make you unsuitable. The good news is our experienced advisors have access to specialist insurers who will still be able to offer you terms, even if you’ve been declined before.


Finding your cover.

Taking the time to think about what will happen when you die can be upsetting, but it’s critical you spend some time doing so. Will your family be able to keep up with mortgage repayments when you’re gone, or any other financial commitments? Our advisors are here to reassure you every step of the way to comprehensive life cover. We’ll discuss your situation sensitively, and make sure you and your loved ones are fully protected from the unknown.

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Turning Your Nightmares Into Dreams

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When you think you’ve hit that brick wall and have all but given up hope of finding mortgage finance, When the Bank Says No are here to turn your ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. We have access to a range of specialist lenders who are willing to help those that the High Street banks just won’t touch. Get in touch today and see how we can turn your dreams into a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is life insurance and how does it work?

In the event of your death, you’ll want to make sure your family and their home is protected. Life insurance policies exist for this very reason, acting as a contract between you and the insurer that if the worst happens, they will provide a cash pay out or death benefit to your beneficiaries. This can provide a lifeline to your family at this terrible time, enabling them to keep up with financial obligations whilst they grieve. If you want to find the right life insurance cover for your family, contact our team of professional advisors today!

Life insurance helps make sure your loved ones aren’t left struggling to pay debts when you pass away. Taking out a suitable policy will provide you with peace of mind that they’ll be able to manage even when you’re not there. It can mean the difference between your family and children staying in the home debt free or having to sell up because they fall behind on mortgage payments, or the home becomes too expensive to maintain.

Yes, don’t worry! Quite often when someone is declined life insurance it’s because they haven’t had the right advice or haven’t approached the right insurers. When the Bank Says No has specialist experience helping clients navigate the market for life insurance policies, and will endeavour to find the most appropriate deal the second time around. The amount of providers you have access to will depend on your current and past medical history. We’ll discuss your circumstances with the utmost sensitivity and discretion and make sure you have the right protection in place, regardless of this past refusal. Talk to us today!

Yes, you can. Though some insurers might dramatically increase their prices or decline you outright if you have a serious medical condition, not all will feel the same. Having a medical condition and being accepted depends on good advice and approaching the right insurer for your specific condition. Whilst policies can be more expensive in this scenario, it’s not the case that you can’t get a good deal. Our specialist team will work within your circumstances to seek out the most suitable and achievable option for you. When it comes to something as important as life insurance, you can trust us to guide and support you every step of the way.

You can set up a policy yourself, but insurance can be complicated, and it’s important to fully understand all the ins and outs of the cover before you make any decisions. Working with an expert instead can provide you with total peace of mind that you are taking out the most appropriate and most comprehensive cover within your circumstances. A qualified advisor will be able to make sure your insurance policy is set up in the most tax efficient way possible and that you are fully protected.

There is an idea out there that life insurance is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are good deals out there that providing adequate protection and cover, meet your expectations and are financially achievable within your other commitments. The right deal for your circumstances will depend on your medical history, current health, and other lifestyle factors, so there is no single answer to this question. The best thing to do if you’re looking for a cost effective policy is to talk to our team of insurance advisors. We’ll discuss your sensitive information with care and understanding before providing you with bespoke recommendations.

This is a common concern that customers have, which is why over the past few years many insurers have started publishing their claim and pay out statistics to reassure their customers. When a policy is properly set out, you can rest easy that if the worst happens, it will pay out correctly. To take away any worries you may have, talk to a qualified advisor like When the Bank Says No!

Specialist advice for declined life insurance.

When the Bank Says No has helped prospective and current property owners all over the country secure their finances in the event of the unknown. From customers who have been previously declined to those with serious illnesses, we’ve helped a wide range of people access the protection they need. We’re passionate about helping our customers proceed with their future plans without stress. With the right protection, you can live in the moment and take on your mortgage with confidence.

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