In order to apply for a mortgage, we are required to collect certain documentation from you for the lender! Here is a guide to what we are asking for. Remember this service is secure and we never share your details with anyone we shouldn’t! If you are unsure about any of the documents listed please call and speak to the team.

As a minimum we require you to provide us with the following: –

  • One piece of Personal ID
  • One pieces of Address Verification

For Personal ID you can use one of the following;

  • Current valid (signed full UK Passport)
  • Current valid (signed) overseas Passport
  • Current valid EEA Member State ID card
  • Current Residency permit issued by the Home Office
  • Current Full UK Driving Licence
  • Current Firearms / Shotgun Certificate

For Address Verification you can use one of the following;

  • Mortgage Statement or Mortgage Redemption Statement dated within the last 12 months.
  • Recent Utility Bill (Gas, Electricity, Water, Telephone (not mobile phone) TV Licence dated within the last 3 months
  • Council Tax Bill (dated in the last 12 months)
  • Current Full UK Driving Licence
  • Current Benefits Agency Book/Letter (dated within the last 12 months)
  • Rent book or Tenancy Agreement
  • Bank/Building Society/Credit Union Statement or Passbook (dated within the last 3 months) NB online bank statements are not acceptable
  • Credit Card statements dated within the last 3 months
  • Official documentation from HMRC dated within the last 12 months

Assessing Affordability

To ensure that our recommendations meet your needs we also have to assess affordability. In order for us to do this we require your latest 3 months payslips.


  • Last P60
  • Latest 3 months Payslips

Self Employed

  • Last 2 years Tax Computations, and Tax Overviews
  • 2 years audited accounts if available


  • CIS Vouchers If Applicable
  • Contract of Employment

Additional Income;

  • Proof of any Tax Credits/Child Benefits i.e. letter from HMRC

RETIRED APPLICANTS – Annual Pension Statement.

Bank Statements

  • Latest 3 months Bank Statements for all accounts held

Latest Mortgage Statement (If re-mortgaging)


Proof of Deposit

In order to prove where your deposit is coming from, we require a savings statement from your bank/Building Society showing a build-up of funds. If you are being gifted the deposit, we will require a gift letter from whoever is gifting you the funds with their last month’s savings statement. Some lenders do ask for their own letter to be completed however we will inform you at application stage. An example of the letter is attached and this should be signed and completed by the donor.

Specimen of Gifted Deposit Letter

Donors address here Lenders Name & Address


Dear Sirs,

We write to confirm that we are contributing a gifted deposit of £ ………………….. towards the purchase of a property for …………………..

We also confirm that the gift is not a loan and that we do not expect the amount to be paid back nor do we expect to have any ties or legal rights to the property that they are purchasing.

Proof of our gift can be easily provided upon request.

Yours faithfully

…………………………………………………. (1)